3 Years!! exhilarated team!!

06 Sep 2012

It always feels good to grow, it always feels great to scale. It makes you feel good when world around you starts feeling more serious about your thoughts and your deeds. It gives you a sense of responsibility as well, which leads to more challenges.

Goibibo started off as a very small prototype, as a spin off product to understand how market will react on our movement to start selling just domestic ticket pure pure online, it was a journey that started as a mere two weeks project with just 4 of us, and a little experience of travel meta search platform. We started with a mere 1 transaction a day, done by ourselves :) and then……… We just don’t know how these 3 years passed, so quickly.

We love technology at goibibo, we believe in solution offered with best of technology will scale and create a very healthy ecosystem, yielding benefits to all stakeholders (from users to customers to creators). And we felt that this is a right time to start sharing more about internals of goibibo. As it always feels good to know which engine is driving your Car, what extra it can do for you.

On this day, we would love to present you this space which will take you through our Tryst with Technology, Travel and life here @ goibibo. 

We hereby also, pledge to start open-sourcing a few of our components in coming days. As developers at heart we love to code and love the community and open source world which gave us so much.