Bus booking launched on iOS app

16 Sep 2013

Bus booking has never been easier. After a hearty acceptance of our flights app by Apple users, we felt the urge to incorporate the bus booking facility in our iOS app. We strongly feel that it will be a seamless experience for users to book a bus using our app.

Home Screen


Users need to tap on the ‘bus’ icon to get to the bus section of the app.

Search Screen:


It enables users to search between cities and towns, which make up some 65000 odd routes. Here users have the option of filtering the bus type (AC/ Sleeper), thereby reducing the pain on the user’s part to filter from 100s of buses on their small mobile screens. Just select your source, destination and date and hit Search Bus.

Results Screen:


On this screen we tried to bring the most relevant information about a bus upfront. Some salient offerings are:

Boarding / Drop Point display: Boarding points for some cities can go up to 20, and hence we made sure that only the boarding points relevant to a bus are available on the screen upfront.

Mini seat map display: It is always observed that while travelling in a group or alone, users always look for front or aisle seats or seats together and it is a pain user’s part to pick and choose every single bus to know the seat availability map. We bring this information on the search screen in a mini layout display to enable users to filter out non-viable buses easily.

M-Ticket Acceptance: Even now lots of operators still don’t accept m-tickets, and that can impact the user’s choice of a bus. We show a bold visual-element to indicate non-acceptance of m-ticket by the operator.

Rating: We have come up with a novel algorithm to rate a bus based on specifics like the popularity and other impacting features. We show the star rating of the bus to aid users in their choice. 

Advanced filters:


Users can toggle this on by taping on the top right corner of the app on search results screen.

This opens up lots of options to filter buses and we have designed it in the most touch friendly way. We give option to filter on Type, Time of travel, Boarding Point, Drop Point, Operators, etc. A nice visual display can help you filter by morning, evening or night buses.

Seat selection:


Appears on taping book this by choosing bus on search results screen.

Seat selection screen has been designed and thought of from ground up to give users the best experience on touch devices. That large display of seats, scrollable layout, visual seat type display and color-coding for ladies’ reserved seats makes it easier to pick and choose a desired seat.

A nice tap interface for buses having upper and lower deck makes selecting seats even easier.

Also user can select multiple seats to book fellow travellers as well.

Boarding point selection


Appears post confirming or selecting the seats.

Boarding point screen is minimal and clean. It lists all the boarding points of the selected bus long with the respective departure time. It is again a touch friendly and clean user experience, and we would be bringing a lot of innovation here with our subsequent releases.

Easy check out with card store feature powered by PayU


We enable users to store credit card information on a highly secured vault, which can seamlessly be used for multiple transactions across all our offerings. This, in turn, means stored card on web can be used in our android and iOS apps, thereby making mobile transactions much friendlier.

“We are excited to see increasingly high number of mobile users using this feature, as this saves the hassle of entering credit card information”.

My Bookings Section


My Bookings section stores information about all the user’s bus, flight, hotel bookings in a very intuitive way. If user is logged in, his old history will also get pulled into the app, which can be used offline as well.

Overall, this is an extremely touch friendly product and makes the bus booking process fun and easy. It has been designed taking into consideration the interaction, which is easy and relevant for mobile form factor.