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30 Dec 2013

     In the online travel industry, the problem that the customer faces most often is of getting the refunds instantly. If one goes into the crux of this problem, it lies the way banks function.

     On an average, we take less than 24 hours in firing refunds to the respective bank (Credit or Debit Card Account).After that, the banks take anywhere between 2 to 5 business days to credit the money back to the customer’s account.

     Moreover, in the case of Rewards/Points redemption, banks can take as high as 15 business days according to our data analysis to credit the same back into customer account.

     This is most frustrating for travellers, especially for frequent travellers, sometimes money in their credit card remains blocked for a significant amount of time.

     We were looking for a solution to this problem with a discerning eye and endeavour to solve the same for the customer as seamlessly as possible.

    Based on our research, we found out that on an average 2 out of every 3 people book again within 10 days of cancellation. We thought of allowing customers to use their cancellation money for their future booking across the gamut of travel services available on Goibibo. To make it possible, we came with a product/feature that we call as goCash (think of it as a travel currency) that allows a customer to get instant refund as goCash and use it instantly to make another booking across all the travel services available on Goibibo. It is absolutely safe, secure and most liquid travel currency that has no expiry and no delays in refund. It is perfectly liquid - even more liquid than your credit/debit card!

    Below are the details of this feature :

1.   Cancellations and Refunds :- While doing a cancellation on goibibo, the user gets the opportunity to opt for refund to goCash ,instead of refund to his/her debit/credit card.If chosen, this goCash amount is credited into his goibibo account instantly and allows the user to book any ticket on As a launch offer, the user gets 2% bonus goCash (the offer is valid for 3 months from today). As we see, opting for goCash means instant refund,and an additional 2% refund money - one of the best deals in online travel industry across the world.


2.  Booking :- While booking, if the user is logged in and has goCash in his account, goibibo will seamlessly deduct the booking amount from goCash. The user need only pay the difference, if any. If he/she has sufficient goCash, this means no more payment hassle - booking completed within seconds - flat. 


3. goCash Account :-  As with any currency, transparency remains our first necessity. You can easily see all the transactions that happened on your goCash account,anytime.


So why should you go with goCash?

  1. Smoother : No more hopping around to payment gateways, no more fumbling around with credit cards and passwords. goCash completely removes all the hops to get your tickets booked, removing a major source of agony.
  2. Flexible : Your goCash can be utilised to do any transaction that can be done on goibibo. It does not matter whether you earned that goCash as a flights refund.Go ahead and book a hotel with it, no problem!
  3. Smart : When you use goCash, it saves goibibo time and bank-level integrations.We pass on that benefit to you as 2% bonus goCash. Its all about being smart. 
  4. Love : If you love goibibo and book through us all the time, it’s time to let us know. Use goCash the next time you come over, and we’ll keep track. We have a lot of exciting goodies,premium services for loyal users, and we’re also gonna reward people who spread the word. Stay tuned for more.

Please try out goCash - it’s goibibo’s take on solving a major hassle to its customers. What’s more, you have more savings too!

We’d also love to have your feedback to make it an even better, seamless and secure experience.

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Happy Booking with goCash on!