Next Price is rooted in Transparency, Intelligence and Relevance for the customer.

06 Feb 2014

At goibibo, many customers contact us and complain about the fare-hikes that occasionally happen while moving from the search page to the booking page. We have discontented customers because of these fare-hikes. Some customers think that goibibo lures them by showing low fares on search page and then increasing the fares on the booking page. They hate this experience, and, quite honestly, we too hate these fare hikes and most importantly, we don’t want a single discontented customer.

 We assure our customers that these fare-hikes are not in the least governed by goibibo but by airline increasing the fares. Hard reality is that the fares are very dynamic in nature and this dynamicity is there to stay.

 We were looking for a solution to this problem for quite some time and realized that we cannot remove dynamicity from the fare-hikes but the best we can do is to provide the most optimal information on the search page so as to guide the customer to make an intelligent buying decision.

 We unveil to you our new product feature – Next Price - along with seats available at current price.

 Goibibo have started showcasing the Next Price along with the seats available at current price for a particular booking. The Next Price tells user that in case of fare-hike, what will the next price be. Also, we highlight the number of seats left at the current price. Now, the customer knows in case of delaying the buying decision what is the prospective loss. This helps him to make the decision based on very accurate and relevant information. Currently, we are showing Next Price on our search page (see the image below)only for SpiceJet and we are in process of adding Next Price tomore airlines. 


As highlighted in the image above,it shows that only 2 seats are left at current fare i.e. Rs. 5,963 and this fare may increase to Rs. 7,037 ashighlighted by Next Price. This helps the user to take an informed buying decision.

We encourage users to start using the Next Price feature on goibibo’s search page and start making intelligent buying decisions and please share your valuable feedback at

At Goibibo, we endeavour to be as transparent as possible with the customer and make his buying experience as smooth, intelligent and optimal as possible. Next Price not just makes customer’s buying decision much more intelligent and optimal, but also, it provides the customer much needed transparency. 

Next Price is rooted in Transparency, Intelligence and Relevance for the customer.