The Flights plus Hotel Booking Experience - Part 2

14 Oct 2015

In the first part of this series, we spoke about the Flights plus hotel booking experience as an independent experience. In this part, we will talk about the novel add-on approach.

In this approach, a traveller planning a flight itinerary is prompted to add a hotel to his stay as an add-on. This is for the savvy traveller who is extremely particular about the airlines and the schedule. The entry point for this experience is from the flights search page.

In the case of a one-way travel, the entry point looks like:

The interface also shows the user how much he can potentially save by choosing the package. If the user decides to add-on a hotel package by clicking on the radio button, more details about the hotel is shown below. The interface has affordance to specify the number of rooms to be booked. We will discuss the Change Hotel experience in detail a little later in the blog.

In the case of a round trip itinerary, the user interface is slightly different. The user chooses a flight selection first. The user then has an affordance to add a hotel to his package .

When the user clicks on the check-box, the interface provides him with a choice of a preferred hotel. And as in the one-way experience, the user does have an affordance to change the number of rooms, length of stay, and the hotel.

The change-room experience is the same as what was described in Part 1 of this blog series. When the traveller clicks on the change-hotel button, the system shows a listing of hotels in the destination city. The change hotel gives the seasoned traveller a sophisticated screen to hone in on his hotel choice.

There are a host of choices by which the user can refine his selection, such as STAR rating, hotel name, location, hotel type, amenities, and chains.

Once a suitable hotel has been narrowed in and chosen, the user booking experience remains exactly the same as the one described in Part 1.

Rates obtained through Flight plus Hotel combinations are very competitive fares obtained from the flight and the hotels. Given this, there is a fair caveat with the cancellation policy. Users can only cancel the full itinerary, and not individual components.  

We are continuously improving user experience of these screens. In fact, you may see some nifty improvements pretty soon. We are also currently promoting this feature with several offers which involve coupon codes and special Gocash burn-rates that are applicable across the complete itinerary. Check our offers page for more details.

In this blog post, we spoke about the hotel add-on experience. In the last and final part of this three part of this series, we will talk about how we extend this experience to our mobile apps.