This ThanksGiving, Send Love in the form of GoCash Gifts!

25 Nov 2015

Festivals are the times when we get together to share happiness. And the easiest way to share happiness is to exchange Gifts.

This ThanksGiving, we bring to you ‘goCash Gifting’ - another GoIbibo’s innovation where you can gift goCash to your friends. So now, every friend of yours can save on their Hotel, Flights & Bus booking on GoIbibo.

You can gift goCash in 3 simple steps as shown below:

1. Select a friend from your contact list: 


2. Choose a gift value & send:


3. Your friend redeems the gift in just a click:                                   


by clicking on notification      


by clicking on SMS link   


goCash is GoIbibo’s travellers wallet. It was introduced as an innovative mechanism to instantly refund the customer’s money for a cancelled booking, so that the refunded amount can be immediately used for rescheduling and re-booking. Soon after, we offered promotional offers in the form of virtual currency called ‘goCash’. Customers now spend less of their own money on flights, hotels & bus booking, as some portion of booking amount can be paid using goCash.

goCash has seen its own curve of product adoption. Since its launch in late 2014, goCash became the primary avenue of travel discounts on GoIbibo. GoIbibo customers are offered various mechanisms to earn goCash credits, most popular being ‘Refer & Earn’.

There are other ways to earn goCash too -

  1. Cash-Backs: earn a portion of booking amount as goCash and use it in your next booking.
  2. goCash for Dormant users: we reached out to our customers who have transacted with us in past and incentivise them to travel again by awarding them goCash.
  3. Gift Vouchers: we also offered gift vouchers on various occasion. Top-up the vouchers to earn goCash.

But now, with goCash Gifting, customer can use goCash as transferrable currency. Here are a few ways in which goCash Gifting can simplify travel discounts -

On-demand discounts - Recently, one of my friends wanted to book a hotel in Goa and wanted to use goCash for discounts. But unfortunately she finished her goCash balance. So she called me and asked me to transfer goCash to her. And, within a few secs, she had worth 2000 goCash in her account. She saved Rs. 1800 on her Goa hotel booking. 

And this had happened multiple times in last couple of weeks. 

So we can clearly see that now discounts on GoIbibo can be offered on demand. No other mechanism lets customers earn goCash so quickly! 

So yes, goCash Gifting caters to the on-demand discount needs of travellers.

No limits - There is no limits on value of goCash we can gift.

Utilising goCash nearing Expiry - We often hear customers dissonance about limited validity of their goCash balances. And goCash expires because customers don’t have travel plans on or around the expiry date. But now with goCash Gifting, customer can send expiring goCash credits to a friend who needs it for an impending travel plan.

Group travel - Imagine a group of friends travelling. Using goCash Gifting, they can optimally distribute their goCash balances among themselves and get the best possible discounts on GoIbibo.

Take this example - 3 friends A,B & C want to book flights worth Rs. 5000 from Bangalore to Delhi. Following are their goCash balance -

A : 2000 goCash 

B : 200 goCash 

C : 0 goCash

If A books the flights for all 3 of them, the maximum discount that could be availed Rs 500 (due goCash burn limits).

But if A gifts 50 goCash to B & 250 goCash to C, the total discount of A+B+C = Rs. 750. And this extra 250 goCash can be used by remaining within burn-limits of goCash. 

So yes, better discounts could be availed through optimal distribution of goCash.

So go ahead, gift your friends some goCash, help them save big on their travel and build this unique, close social group of travellers. goCash is your social network of travellers.

Prachetos, Soumya, Partha
goCash Team