The 3rd Dimension of FUN

27 Sep 2016

It has been 3 weeks...there's a new buzz and excitement among Goibibo-ites. Describing their creative models, ideating the implementation and visualizing the final output- they have been busy comparing each other's designs and showcasing their outcomes. There's a perpetual queue of 'GoDevs' eager to get their project deployed - pure excitement everywhere. Bypassing QC seems to be the best part ;-) 

You must be wondering - Isn't this just like any other developer's life? Let me surprise you: this isn't an ordinary development lifecycle and these ideas aren't for computers.

Meet Brahma3 - the new 3D printer in town!

Checkout: Brahma3

The products which this little rockstar prints are refreshing to say the least, brought to life from mere images and are now the prized possessions of their creators.

The age old, childhood wish of creating things right out of imagination doesn't seem so unrealistic now. (Remember magic pencil of shaka laka boom boom!)

If it feels too techie a procedure, then let me assure you, it ain't so! Being member of our premises for a month now, this innovative miniature has managed to unleash our creativity. Every new creation multiplies our enthusiasm manifold.

This is just the beginning. Even though the journey starts from personal joy, it doesn't take time to realize it's true potential. From customized gifting to medical prosthetics, education to industry- the possibilities are infinite.

I can't help but feel lucky to be in this futuristic age where the ancient Aladdin's genie has come to life and is sitting in our office!

We thank and wish team Brahma3 loads of well deserving success.