Goibibo at Pycon India 2016, New Delhi

29 Sep 2016

Goibibo at Pycon India 2016, New Delhi

The goKarde Team did it again at Pycon 2016, New Delhi. Team Goibibo interacted and collaborated with the best python programmers from around the nation. The team spent time intermingling with a diverse of Attendees, that included Undergraduate Students, Software professionals, Product Representatives and Python Enthusiasts.

Pycon 2016, like the earlier years was extremely eventful for Goibibo. The Event (organized by Pycon India) witnessed showcasing many new technologies and libraries of Python, and there were roadshows around Pythons performance and it’s various functionalities. Software experts congregate annually and guide Python Engineers with specific queries.

Goibibo’s official Stall at Pycon 2016, and merchandisers!

For Team Goibibo, 2016’s Pycon was rather exciting. The presentations were packed with audience. Team Goibibo with their #goKarde Spirit shined at the event with a slew of Tech Talks, Quizzes, Puzzles and many more.

A glimpse of the Presentation and the ensuing QnA Session

Dhruv addressed the gathering and engaged a large audience throughout, followed by an interesting QnA session. Most of the questions were asked by web-stack professionals, who were really interested in Goibibo’s scale, our tools and our robust methodologies. Since the talk was primarily based on Voyager, the askers were keen to know how our features/implementations really work – like our search, custom monitoring, Continuous integration from dev machine to production with zero downtime, custom frameworks, worked etc.,. They were keen to learn how we analyze some of the scaling and design decisions we take during our scale evolution.

Some Examples:

Dhruv delivering a gripping presentation

Our armour of tools like Solr, MongoDB, Redis, GoLang, NewRelic, Cassandra etc and their implementations attracted lots of queries too, both in the talk, and on our booth afterwards.

Post the talk, Team Goibibo had some interesting and varied discussions with some start-up founders, regarding their business and stack,  some students who again wanted to see and understand the presentation, and of course the StackOverflow model, where some techies wanted assistance in getting their production bugs solved :)

Apart from technology, questions related to our business were there too, e.g. one person wanted to understand why we disperse goCash in social context etc.

For the presentation, the content was based on our production tools like NewRelic diagrams, our monitoring numbers, our build system snapshots etc. As an improvement, we tried making the presentation on "Prezi", a canvas based presentation format, and it went better than a conventional PPT.

As an organization, we value Cross-Collaboration, and at the Pycon event, we just lived our core ethos – Great team collaboration. Our Technology, Finance, Marketing and the HR teams came together collaborating and pioneering our efforts at Pycon 2016.

A few Candid moments we managed to capture at the 2-Day Pycon India event:

Team Goibibo interacting with the participants at Pycon 2016, New Delhi.
Team Goibibo presenting merchandisers to the Winners of Quizzes and Puzzles.

Our appreciations go to the entire Technology Team, HR, Marketing, Finance and Admin Teams for making this a Winner Success !! #goKarde..

Our Team posing for the shutterbugs on Day-2 of Pycon 2016, New Delhi.

We hope all of you had a good learning experience at Pycon India – 2016.

- Asha, Sravan and Dhruv